Widelux F6B – KODAK Portra 160VC – High Horse

Another shot from this summer’s motorcycle trip through France and the North of Spain. I took this shot on a ride over some of the legendary cols from the Tour De France.

During all of my rides, I kept my cameras in a magnetic bag on my gas tank so that, whenever I encountered something worth shooting along the way, I’d have my Widelux and X-Pro2 at the ready.

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Widelux F6B – KODAK Portra 160VC – Tournesols

Despite the Indian Summer, fall is definitely here. Here’s a quick throwback to this past summer to fight the upcoming blues.

I shot this field of sunflowers not far from Carcassonne in the South of France. The day’s goal was the French side of the Pyrenees and, using the Scenic app, I’d plotted a curvy route off the beaten track.

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Widelux F6B – KODAK TMAX400 – Fort Van Walem

A lot of things happened in the past 6 months. Moving to Walem was one of them. The green belt around the old military fort was a lifesaver when I needed some fresh air, peace and quiet and time to think. At one point, walking up and down the path became a daily routine.

I snapped this shot with one of my favourite cameras, the Widelux F6B Panoramic camera that I got myself for my 30th birthday. I love how it’s intricate (and delicate) mechanics created the possibility to make cinematic widescreen pictures on 35mm.

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