Up, up and away!

I’ve been playing around with the idea of drone flying for a while now. A few months ago I had the opportunity to buy a near new second-hand Phantom 4 Pro with loads of accessories at a very decent price but since Belgian drone laws are insanely strict it hasn’t flown more a few dozen meters at low altitude in our very small yard.

Yesterday, at the end of our month-long vacation in France, I decided to pick up a DJI Spark in Paris. I had been thinking about it for a while, they were in stock, I’d had a stressy few days after my bike broke down in the South of France: let’s just call it retail therapy… I know, I know, the Mavic Pro is just as small once folded up, it has 4K and is “only” 300 bucks extra. Trust me, I considered the Mavic as a “recreational” drone while keeping the Phantom for professional purposes. But you know what, the Spark is just a whole lot of fun to fly (and that’s only based on a quick flight in our yard, parking lot and indoors). Expect a full review once I hop across the border to Holland, where rules are less strict, with both drones later this week (hopefully).

So anyway, today I enrolled for a class 2 (up to 50m, under 5kg) course in November. Due to the aforementioned rules those who want to do recreational or professional drone flying have no other option and courses are pretty much packed. I can’t wait to get going and getting a feel for it and hope to share some great aerial footage with you guys soon.

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