S-Town: you’ll want to binge on this one …

Ever since iTunes (version 4) started supporting podcasts, right about twelve years ago, I’ve been a fan of the medium and an avid listener. I clearly remember Bicyclemark’s show (now known as Citizen Reporter) being the first show I ever listened to. Other early podcasting heroes were Josh In Japan, Tokyo Calling by Scott Lockman, Keith and Chemda from Keith and The Girl  and Corby, The Twisted Pickle, from Nebraska who “ninjacasted” about his life without ever telling his wife.

Things sure have changed since those early days and podcasts can now, imho, be considered a mainstream medium.  Nowadays some of my favourites are Marc Maron’s WTF?!, most TWIT shows, The New Yorker Radio Hour and This American Life to name but a few.

John B. McLemore being interviewed at his house by Brian Reed. © S-Town – Andrea Morales

I’ve been an Audible subscriber for years now. When it comes to regular reading, I’m not that good on the attention span side of things and I love how audiobooks allow me to take in books while doing everyday tasks or walking or riding to and from appointments. S-town can best be described as the lovechild of podcasts and audiobooks. It takes the more in-depth radio style that This American Life listeners will recognise and adds what I can only describe as a literary twist to it all. It’s just like a book you can’t put down. Trust me, you’ll definitely want to binge on this one.

Combine all of this with the fact that all 7 episodes were posted at once and you get something that I think will become a new template in the world of podcasting. I’m looking forward to listening to similar stories and productions although you can definitely say that this is a one of a kind story. What it did for me was rekindle that original excitement I had in the early days of podcasting, inciting me to take a trip down podcast memory lane. Down the rabbit hole I go …

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